How to become an Certified stock broker (NSE) ?

You can become a registered stock broker and start trading with the Major stock exchange NSE in India on behalf of the clients. Stock brokers takes on a variety of roles, but mainly deal with buying and selling of securities for the clients.

This is a High profile which puts you in pressure and act fast conditions on a daily basis. So, what do you need???

  • A graduate degree related to financial work
  • Interest in financial markets
  • Licensing

To make decisions and advice clients you need training, research and experience and to do that professionally , you need to be qualified as a PROFESSIONALLY CERTIFIED NSE BROKER IN EQUITY AND DERIVATIVE SEGMENT.

The steps to take you into a qualified stock market broker is short-term ,but becoming good at it requires experience.

Here you go,

  1. Get education in related to financial services, as you would be more preferred by both employers and clients for your ease of understanding financial concepts and its implementation, attract new clients with your wide knowledge base and crack through your training sessions easily.
  2. Get hired by a Brokerage firm which offers you a good career path. The firm has to train you on working with the NSE platform and license is a must before dealing with clients.
  3. Take the NCFM modules:NCFM offers a comprehensive range of modules covering many different areas in finance :For Equity market –  Capital Market (Dealers) Module (CMDM) and Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module (DMDM) are mandatory. You have to secure 50% for passing. Successful candidates will be issued certificate which is valid for 5 years.
  4. Register here for exams
  5. Model Test   Before appearing for the test, take this model test and evaluate your understandings. You will have the similar pattern. Good Luck!

Real interest in Indian stock market is a  must in coping with the market and its environment.

Good with people and numbers… Here you come. Become a stock broker. 

Happy Broking,

Sooriya Jayaseelan


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